365 Days of Total Oral Hygiene

If you’re one of the millions of people looking for better plaque removal, enamel protection, healthier gums, a clean tongue, whiter teeth, and overall healthier oral hygiene, the iBrush 365 ™ is for you!

The iBrush 365™ is a truly unique toothbrush there’s nothing else like it!

Dentist Recommend

The iBrush 365 ™ ’s innovative technology uses a round disc bristle design to promote brushing from the gums to the teeth, as dentists recommend.

Innovative Technology

This contemporary design allows for tooth brushing the proper way, improving oral health and decreasing your chances of gum disease.


Round disc bristles provide safe cleaning for cheeks, gums, teeth, and tongue. Stops gum receding and bleeding, including plaque build up.

The iBrush 365 ™ is using a completely new technique of brushing the teeth, namely what the dentist recommend. There is a learning curve and it takes a few minutes of practice to use the brush properly. Please read the instructions and watch the video prior to brushing. When brushing, DO NOT hold brush in the same position while it is spinning as there could be some temporary irritation, namely around the cheeks. Move the brush like using manual brush. Make sure rinse your bristle with warm water for prior to use. Before using iBrush 365 ™ , please watch the “ HOW TO ” animation video for proper brushing technique.

What's in the box
You can mouse over to see color options or click to view bigger size.

What’s in the box?

iBrush 365 ™
Three iBrush 365 ™ Standard Bristles
110V – 240V Wall Plug USB Travel Charger
iBrush 365 ™ Dock
Side Magnetic LID iBrush 365 ™ Package
iBrush 365 ™ Travelcase
User manual

Colors to fit your style!

iBrush 365™ is ready to fit your style with various color options. The iBrush 365™ is available in Midnight Black, Hot Red, Pearl White, Parliament Blue, Blue Mist, Pure Purple, Green Mist and Purple Mist colors. 

iBrush 365™’s  unique round disc bristle brush head has  approximately 13,200 bristles

compared to a conventional  toothbrush of 2,500 bristles.

info-I iBrush365

Round Disc Bristles

Round disc bristles are safe for cleaning for cheeks, gums, teeth, and tongue. iBrush 365 ™ also prevents gums from receding and removes coffee, tea, and tobacco stains from the teeth.

Round Disc Bristles

Each disc has 1200 micro bristles, and the average iBrush 365™ has 11 to 13 bundles, making 13,200 to 15,600 micro bristles, thus giving teeth a soft and good brushing.

Gums Towards The Teeth

The iBrush 365 ™’s 13,200 micro bristles clean in a downward motion, spinning gums towards the teeth, gentel on the enamel surface, cleans the gums, and dislodges the food particles away from gums, which promotes oral health.

The iBrush 365™ is simple to use!

The handle features two buttons for : ON – OFF / Slow Speed – High Speed and with a simple click the iBrush 365™ can change it’s spinning direction.

Listen for the click!

Simply press the button on the handle to switch the brush’s rotation direction—listen for the click! Move the brush along the teeth, gums and gum line.

Move it in a horizontal back and forth motion

Don't hold your iBrush 365 ™ at the same spot, move it in a horizontal back and forth motion continuously. Finish up by gliding the iBrush 365 ™ head over the tongue to ensure fresh breath - and you're done!

Cleaning Bristles

To clean the iBrush365™’s bristles, rinse your brush head thoroughly under warm water. Massage the bristles back and forth with your fingertips.

Simple to use

Never has teeth brushing been so effortless!

The iBrush 365™’s innovative technology uses a round disc bristle design to reach tight spaces, polish teeth, massage gums and clean the tongue.

Lithium ION Battery

The iBrush365™ lithium ion battery can be recharged 500 times with a safety shut off chip system.

USB or Wall Plug

Best of all, the iBrush 365™ can be charged via USB cord, which can be connected to a computer or a wall plug, included in both 110V and 240V.


FDA Registered as a Medical Device, FCC Approved, CE European Certification

Six Weeks

Fully charged battery will last over six weeks when the brush is used for one minute, twice daily.

Patented Design

Round disc design, made and assembled in Japan, using the highest quality nylon bristles and patented worldwide.

Changing the bristles

To remove the current head, gently pull straight up. To insert a new head, press down firmly until you hear a click!

Highlights & Specifications


Removes more plaque from hard to reach places than any other toothbrush.


iBrush 365 ™ electric toothbrush provides optimal cleaning between teeth and along the gum line for improved gum health in just two weeks. Provides a superior cleanse in between teeth and removes significantly more plaque than any other toothbrush.


Soft bristles effectively yet gently scrape away plaque and stain.
iBrush 365 ™ electric toothbrush provides exceptional cleaning and whiter teeth compared to any other toothbrush.


iBrush 365 ™ whitens teeth better than a manual toothbrush in just 1 week.
Removes up to 99% more stains for whiter teeth in just 1 week.


iBrush 365 ™ toothbrush’s unique dynamic action gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline and cheeks.


Clean: For exceptional everyday cleanse
Gum: Gently massages gums
Polish: Brightens and polishes teeth
Sensitive: Gentle teeth and gum cleaning
White: Removes surface stains


Handles: One iBrush 365 ™
Brush heads: Three iBrush 365 ™ standard
Charger: 110V – 240V
Travel case: USB travel charger
Dock: One iBrush 365 ™ dock


Warranty: 6 Months limited warranty


Speed: 200 – 400 spins per minute. 13.500 bristle strokes.
Performance: Removes more plaque than any other brush.
Health benefits: Improves gum health in only two weeks.
Whitening benefits: polishes teeth better
Timer: 60 seconds twice a day


Brush head system: Easy snap on replaceable brush heads.
Brushing time: 1 minute twice a day more than 6 weeks.
Battery indicator: Illuminated LED indicates battery is charging and automatically turns off when battery is full.
Handle: Slim ergonomic, award winning design is Internationally Patented.
Display: Illuminated Blue and Green direction button.


Battery: 500 times Rechargeable
Battery type: Lithium ION with safety shut off chip system
Operating time: Approximately 5 hours recharging time. Fully charged battery last more than 6 weeks at 1 minute twice a day brushing. (full to empty)

Frequently Asked Questions

+How to purchase additional toothbrush heads?

iBrush 365 ™ triple replaceable round disc bristle package available at our online store. Now you can order anytime you like. 

+Can the battery be replaced?

iBrush 365 ™ has lithium Ion battery which can be charged 500 times.
With this unique toothbrush you only need to use 1 minute twice a day and only needed to charge once every 6 weeks.
500 times X once every 6 weeks = 3000 weeks = 57 years.
Which means you don’t need to worry about iBrush 365 ™ battery for next 57 years.

+How do you ensure water cannot enter into the charging port?

Make sure charging port cap is on while your iBrush 365™ in contact with water.
Also iBrush 365 scored 8/8 (highest score) from water proof test.

+How often do the bristles need to be replaced?

We recommend to replace bristles every 3 months if you use them 1 minute twice daily.

+How much is shipping to the U.S.?

For shipping rates you can check our online shop.

+Where do you pick the color ?

You can see color options at iBrush 365 Shop

+I'm interested in writing an article about the iBrush 365 ™

Thank you for your interest in iBrush 365 ™. You can find press release and images link below.
Press kit: http://bit.ly/1NbVaWS
(Pictures dimensions are 1920×1280)
Video youtube link: http://bit.ly/1Sgt6nf
(1080p & English subtitles available)

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